sternbach interior stories

The Way We Live

Our Lives in Stories.

Everyone has a story to tell

Our perception of interior design is holistic and unifies opposed views: urban and open, yet down-to-earth and deeply rooted into our landscape. Here at Sternbach we do not simply deal with superficial questions of trends and style – which are somehow replaceable after all – but we create with our customers places for communication and encounters where people’s stories meet and thus new experiences occur.

Furnishing is much more than fine living, interesting furniture and aesthetically arranged accessories. Besides their functionality, rooms are basically social places: We encourage dwellers to tell stories about themselves through the objects they are surrounded by. Thus people become personalities with character and distinctiveness.

We see interior design as a setting and as an invitation in order to live new stories together. Our aim is to create places for retreatment, for dreams and for regeneration. In these shared spaces, stories of the past are brought back to life and new experiences happen. Just think of the kitchen which is so much more than simply a room for food preparation – the memorable moments are the legendary evenings with friends, the daily lunch with the family or the occasional romantic dinner together.

People to people

Lorenz Sternbach Dipl. Ing. FH
Founder and general manager

After his carpenter journeyman training in Bruneck and his interior design formation at the college for interior and furniture design in Mödling near Vienna, Lorenz Sternbach gained a broad range of experiences working for an international furniture store in Vienna. He established the Sternbach showroom in 2010 in his hometown and since then he has successfully created room concepts all over South Tyrol, in northern Italy, Austria and Germany.

In 2018, the showroom was completely restructured and redesigned and has become, within a short time, a point of reference for clients and architects who appreciate unusual solutions and who are looking for unconventional suggestions off the beaten track.

Eva Niederkofler M. Arch.
Interior Design

After her architectural studies in Vienna and Innsbruck and after having collaborated in an architect studio for many years, Eva went into the big, wide world. She travelled from Patagonia to Mexico, lived in Canada for one year and visited the US and New Zealand. This simple life, reduced to a minimum of material goods but being open for other cultures at the same time, being inquisitive and curious, has left some marks. The question about the essence of life has shaped her working attitude since then: What do we really need? How much space? And how many objects?

Beyond habits and usual patterns of thought, the questioning of seemingly obvious and established concepts leads to entirely new solutions. Less weight brings more clarity to the surface. Value comes from values: the focus of her work with the clients is on things that bear importance, instead of following any kind of new trend.

Business activities

Advice and planning
Evaluation of customer needs, draft of a living concept, choice of products, detailed planning

We consider our customers as partners. In laid-back discussions we turn the customer’s wishes into a clear designing concept. We offer a carefully chosen and eclectic range of products, combining traditional and unusual elements with a particular focus on young, aspiring designers and producers of international scale. The choice of products is made personally at important design fairs all over Europe and directly with the producers themselves. We offer individual, made-to-measure solutions of any scale; we also design and build selected products of our own making, in series manufacturing as well as single pieces. Complex projects are seen as a challenge and we enjoy taking new and unusual paths.

On-site realization of the project
Coordination of the partners, professional implementation, delivery and build-up in due time

The sum is more than its single parts. This is true not only as aesthetic principle for furnishing in general, but also for our ways of working: to cooperate with specialists and creative minds enables exciting and fascinating solutions. It is well-known that friction causes warmth: We have established a network of selected local craftsmen to guarantee our customers optimal quality, sustainability and unusual, individual results. After a detailed phase of solution-finding and planning we also take care of the delivery and of the on-site furnishing of our made-to-measure solutions, carried out personally with our team.