Theresa Arns



The Èchasse series refers to the classical elegance of glass vases and bowls, designed in a minimalistic silhouette with modern, traditional and playful elements.

The artistic concept by Theresa Rand interprets the French word échasse, meaning stilts. The slender supporting legs carefully lift up the glass shapes, creating a feeling of lightness and providing stability at the same time. The Èchasse vase, the first piece of this iconic series, was inspired by test tube glasses.

The unique color gradients of the smoked glass version provide depth and a contrast to the clear lines of the legs.

The drop-shape of the Èchasse series offers aesthetic grace and uncountable possibilities for experiments and combinations.

Whether as single pieces or combined with each other, filled with the favorite flowers, fruit or objects or just as sculptural eye-catchers – these pieces vitalize modern rooms with their daring and gracious effects.