Das Ganze Leben

Eva kitchen block

Das ganze Leben

The new objectivity: the whole life is constantly changing, is moving, it is a process. Lorenz Sternbach and Georg Agostini produce under the label of the same name pieces of furniture in a simple formality, functional commodities for everyday use – modular and flexible.

Our products are called Eva, Luis, Alma or Adam, unpretentious names, slightly oldfashioned but still timeless and rooted in our region. Our approach is holistic and we create sustainable, unpretentious and convenient products which accompany the user for a longer period and can be adjusted to his / her needs. Our designs are realized in a thoughtful and accurate way, with carefully chosen materials in a well-balanced manufacturing process on-site.

Our first product is the EVA kitchen block – a simple, straightforward systematic solution, reduced to the basics and for that very reason it appears with disarming and refreshing clarity.

In a world that is constantly becoming more complicated and chaotic, the new objectivity of our products stands for a clear view and orientation. The products radiate the raw charm of the barren South Tyrolean mountain landscape, but are urban, modern and minimalistic at the same time.

Reduced design as an answer to the stimulation overload of everyday life: life is complicated at times, so it is essential to remain fresh, flexible and open.