Broberg & Ridderstråle

Leaf lamp


The muuto Leaf floor lamp combines the long-lasting, energy-saving and thus eco-friendly LED technology with simple and elegant stylistic elements.

Even though the design of the lamp is minimalistic and straight-lined, the organic form renders it friendly and catchy. Depending on the viewing and inclination angle, the Muuto leaf lamp changes its shape and has a graphic silhouette resembling the leaf of a plant or a tree.

Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle are Swedish design and architect partners. Their work joins aesthetic rationality with a hint of humor and wit.

The name of the brand Muuto derives from the Finnish word “Muutos,” which translates “new perspective.” The innovative Scandinavian company has made this term their credo and aims at enriching the Scandinavian design tradition with, precisely, new perspectives.