Eva Marguerre + Marcel Besau

North lamp


E15 offers a collection of strikingly plain lamps which are consistent with the artistic requirements of the brand. Each series of lamps bridges the gap between furnishing and object fitting, in combination with timeless design, innovative, high-quality construction, adequate lighting power and energy-efficient LED technology.

The sculptural lamp series North creates a fascinating arrangement of light and shape. Based on its distinguished simplicity, North has an almost poetic appeal. Reduced to a circle-shaped body, North plays with elements of abstract geometry and the phases of the moon by changing its aspect depending on the perspective of the viewer.

Taking different lighting demands into consideration, the North lamp collection by e15 consists of a floor lamp, a pendant luminaire and a wall lamp made of pure materials and colors.

Thanks to the possibility of creating various compositions, depending on size, color and material, North offers fascinating effects of light and shadow.