Anderssen & Voll

Pavilion chair


The Long Line Pavilion is situated in the Kastellet area in Copenhagen, facing the waterfront where the Little Mermaid is placed. Today’s pavilion was built in 1958 by the architect couple Eva and Niels Koppel as homage to modernism.

The Pavilion chair by Andersen & Voll is the expression of its own resilience. The challenge was to create a stackable chair in this iconic mixed-use building. Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll wanted to combine early modernism with new modernism. The Pavilion chair features an airy feeling with slender arms and legs that gives it a light aspect. The effect is poetical, graceful and effortless. Like a tied rope that was loosened.

Tube chairs are generally built in fixed angles. The Pavillion chair has a more informal aspect with its curved tubes combined with curved plywood.

The Pavilion AV1 chair is a testimonial of post-war modernism with its simple composition of three rectangular boxes in different sizes which are stacked onto each other.