Numen/For Use

Revolve Sofabed


Revolve is a multifunctional sofa, combining the seating function with the sleeping function in an innovative way. Its design is effective in any room and gives it an additional value.

Turning it by 180 degrees, it can be transformed from a sofa into a bed. Thanks to its filling – design by Numen/ForUse + Bratović&Borovnjak, which is identical to the one in separate cold-foam matrasses, Revolve becomes a perfect double bed. The quality of sleep is the same on the whole upholstery, both in the middle and at the sides. Due to its dynamic shape and its double function it can be used in apartments, offices and holiday homes.

Revolve got the RED DOT Award for product design in 2012.

The international jury awarded not only its functionality, practicality and unusual aesthetics, but also the outstanding production by Prostoria.