Nisse Strinning

String shelf system


The stringent String shelf has been extremely popular in design for decades. In 1949, the young architect Nisse Strinning takes part in the Bonnier bookshelf competition with an innovative shelf system and he wins the first prize.

Upset about the fact that no producer wants to assume the manufacturing of his versatile shelf system, in 1952 Nisse founds his own brand String Furniture together with his wife Kajsa, a designer. Today, the shelf system stands for Scandinavian design par excellence, an indispensable design classic of any modern furnishing.

In the 1940ies, Nisse Strinning studies architecture in Stockholm, but he never focusses on building houses or bridges, he rather deals with everyday design such as drainers for crockery.

Over the years, Kajsa and Nisse Strinning develop a variety of furniture and a broad range of shelf systems that convinces thanks to its versatility in offices, living rooms, kitchens as well as in children’s rooms.