Søren Rose

Tribeca series


The Tribeca series is a mixture of lamps, pendants and chandeliers which were all inspired by the late 1930ies and its glamour of New York City.

The name Tribeca refers to a very popular area of New York in the lower western part of Manhattan – the triangle below Canal Street. The various shapes and designs of the Tribeca-series resulted from an inspirational creative process when Søren Rose Studio travelled the States in search of nice antique lamps and reusable parts. The parts coming from every corner of the US were separated, evaluated and arranged and then collected again, mixed and assembled until these new and much more spirited designs appeared.

In combination with the elegant details and the glamorous look, each Tribeca lamp becomes retro chic.

In Kombination mit den eleganten Details und der glamourösen Ausstrahlung wird jede Tribeca-Lampe zu einem Retro-Chic.