Up Lift


The underlying concept in the development of the Up-lift armchairs and sofas was the transformation into a bed in one single step. Through this action, the impression of a smoothly orchestrated and rhythmical movement is conveyed.a

If the back rest is pulled forwards, the side ends of the circular arm rest lean on the floor and serve as an eccentric swivel around which the sofa opens into a functional bed with ease. The appealing and modern shape of the accentuated lines is justified in a pragmatic way during the almost surprising transformation and the interaction with the user.

The idea is primal and unique so far: the annoying act of swinging out an armchair or a sofa is transformed into a playful act, whose sophistication is fun.

The basic design concept excludes complicated mechanisms and constructions from the very beginning and guarantees the highest degree of sitting and lying comfort at the same time.

The very rare typology of a swing-out arm chair is available as 1.5 or 2 seater.