The elegant and modern pendant luminaire was designed by the famous architect and designer Jørn Utzon who had a passion for boats and ships all his life which can be seen in the soft lines and curves of this lamp.

The Utzon JU1, with its timeless shape, is part of the Scandinavian luminaire classics. One could not tell that its design goes back to the 1950ies. When designing the lamp, the Danish architect and designer was inspired by the engineer drafts of his father. Not only in his draft for the opera house in Sydney, but also for the Utzon JU1 he combined nautical elements and clear lines. The characteristic shape of the metal lampshade provides an ideal distribution of light. The pendant luminaire emits direct light downwards, but also releases a bit of reflected light upwards. In a subtle way, the pendant luminaire creates a pleasant atmosphere.

&tradition manufactures this classic in several variations: the lampshade is made of copper or brass with black textile cables or in white varnished steel with a white textile cable.