Above the roofs of the old town of Bruneck

Private flat


The attic flat, which has been renovated from top to bottom, is located in Bruneck's upper town, the oldest part of town. The young owner had taken over the flat and had it redesigned.

The core of the existing building was removed, the original massive pieces of furniture and built-in furniture were removed, as were the old carpets. The solid larch floor was sanded down and re-oiled, giving the flat a new shine. The typical gaps between the boards (sometimes wider, sometimes narrower) and the slight creaking are typical features of the old townhouse and create a homely and warm connection to the flat, now furnished in a modern style.

Sternbach was responsible for the entire interior design, the colour scheme and the furniture (except for the kitchen). The entire lighting concept was rethought and redesigned, and the rooms and bathrooms were renovated.