Alpine Modernity

Schlern und Talaus Apartments

Völs am Schlern

Two flats to be rented out as apartments have been furnished with a modern interior design concept to appeal to a young and international target group.

The special location in Völs am Schlern gives the two flats their names: Schlern and Talaus. One flat is aligned towards the Schlern and the second faces up the valley.

The young owners are very much in favour of new ideas. One thing was clear from the start - neither the usual alpine chic nor a nostalgic-traditional style was an option.
Guests should rather feel comfortable with a functional and reduced design that does not distract from the beauty of the surroundings.

Sternbach designs, together with Arch. Elfriede Hofer, furnishing ideas based on a reduced colour concept. Especially the colour of the doors adds a very individual flair to the two flats.

Much of the furniture comes from "Das ganze Leben" and is thus produced regionally. Highlights were set with selected designer pieces from other manufacturers as well as individual eye-catchers by some old favourite pieces from the owners' property.