Alpine modernity

Tree house

Völs am Schlern

An old hut that once served as a storage room and garage is being rebuilt as a modern and self-sufficient tree house. The new tree house is intended to immerse young and international visitors in another world.

As an extension to the Schlern and Talaus flats (project realised in 2020), the tree house offers a breathtaking view to the south and allows its residents to forget everyday life for a few days.

The young owners are very open to new ideas. One thing is clear from the start - neither the usual alpine chic nor a nostalgic-traditional direction is an option.
Guests should rather feel comfortable with functional and reduced design that does not distract from the beauty of the surroundings.

Arch. Eva Niederkofler designed an open and generous floor plan. The areas are reduced and functional; through the window in the sleeping area you can watch the squirrels in the treetops in the morning, on the small terrace you can have a wonderful breakfast and the spectacular view invites you to dream.
A large part of the furniture, including the cladding of the shower box, comes from "Das ganze Leben" and is therefore produced regionally.