Orientation thanks to light



ewo creates high-quality lighting systems for public spaces: buildings and spaces of arts and architecture, picturesque promenades, urban venues, streets, airports and other environments for traffic and industry.

Due to the constantly increasing number of employees, it became necessary to rethink the concept of the staff premises on the first floor of the headquarter, adjusting them to the new requirements and optimizing them as a whole. In the course of this, we were invited to elaborate and come up with a concept.

The room, originally designed by Bergmeister Wolf, is situated right above the production area and already contains a number of small cubes, so-called work stations, in which small teams of two to four people can easily plan and talk over projects. Besides the installation of further cubes, it is planned to create more open working situations in order to facilitate synergies among the staff and diversify the usual working conditions.

Around the cubes, made of OSB boards, we designed an extension of the present racking system where prototypes of different projects can be presented and documentation of realized projects can be fixed. Following this idea, we have created a modern environment, where the staff members can freely decide in which team constellation and at which place they would like to work.
Thus, a clearly structured and arranged working space has been created, embedded in a floating green oasis with lighting spots that serve as orientation. A part of the southern façade was opened to let more daylight enter.

The already realized terrace offers a lot of space for visitors and clients, for small events and presentations or just for relaxation during the breaks. Lush plants cast shadow and they are being continued into the building as wavy green islands.

Streetlights, loosely based on the lighting in urban parks, convey a cosmopolitan atmosphere and almost invite for a stroll. At the same time, they represent the guidance and orientation system. An ample kitchen stimulates the interaction and the exchange among the staff members when they cook together, rounding up the project as a whole.