Functional well-being on 2 levels

Tina and Heinz

San Lorenzo near Brunico

The 2-storey flat was completely renovated and restructured. The basic concept of Arch. Heini Mutschlechner was to open up and visually enlarge the living space through multifunctional use.

Walls were therefore knocked down in the entrance area, making the room freer and airier, and it can also be used as a practice room for Tina, who plays and teaches the flute. Heinz is a photographer by profession and was given a workspace that he can hide in a wall unit. 

The entire flat was fitted with a continuous, high-quality larch floor and upgraded with floor heating.
Sternbach drew and manufactured all the built-in furniture with the Hache joinery. The cupboard walls are made of OSB boards painted light grey. This leaves the wood visible and the rough structure gives the room warmth and also good acoustics. The minimalist bedroom is entered through the wall of cupboards. Here, too, reduction to the essentials applies. 

On the upper floor, the entire terrace was redesigned. The kitchen installed here and matching the restrained and functional built-in furniture comes from "Das ganze Leben GmbH" 

"Our kitchen fits into the open living space like a piece of furniture. The simple details and durable materials are decent, natural, timeless and in their entirety give the kitchen a graphic look."