The beauty of tradition

Hotel Stern

Nova Levante

The old Sternwirt inn was taken over by Johann Geiger in 1946, the grandfather of the present owners, who consequently modernized the building step by step. Presenting itself in a typical Tyrolean-style architecture from outside, visitors feel immediately welcome and comfortable when entering the house, thanks to the down-to-earth, informal atmosphere.

Considering the preservation and cure of this unique flair, the sisters Ulli and Veronika Mair have created a very special home for holidays, combining tradition with modern design in an interesting way.

The inn will be changed from the classic accommodation type with all-inclusive offers and full board into high-quality apartments with own kitchen where guests can cater for themselves.

The offer in the apartments includes a rich breakfast, prepared with a lot of care for detail and with delicious local food, as well as the use of the panoramic pool and the sauna area.

All in all, there is the sensation of a large private house at the Sternwirt. The furniture and the accessories merge in a stylish way, combining the old and the new. The cozy salon with library and the bar, panelled with stone pine wood, represent the socializing core of the place. Here the guests get together to relax and chat after an eventful day at lake Carezza.

The budgeting for the apartments was very keen, and for this reason, some of the old substance, like the doors, have been reused. And through this approach, the balancing act between tradition and modernity has been accomplished. Sternbach designed the floor plan for the first two apartments and delivers the furnishings with kitchen and products by “Das Ganze Leben.”