Urban furnishing for Bruneck


Showroom Brunico

As part of the exhibition series "Ways to the Museum" of the Bruneck City Museum, Sternbach realised the exhibition "KEINRICHTUNG" in the Sternbach Showroom in collaboration with the null17 collective in November 2019. The exhibition showed six submitted projects of site-specific street furniture for Bruneck.

Furniture for the town has been an idea for many years. In the course of the last issue of Wege zum Museum by the Bruneck Museum Association, this idea was taken up in order to work out proposals for diverse and different furnishings.

The urban furnishing is much more than just a place to sit: places to rest and relax are to be created. Places to observe the hustle and bustle of the city or the tranquillity of nature, or communicative meeting places. Furthermore, parking spaces are to be created for the many bicycles, which are a popular means of transport for the people of Bruneck.

In May 2019, six projects were presented to the working group, consisting of representatives of the municipality, Bruneck City Development and the Museum Association, including for the locations at Rathausplatz, Universitätsplatz, Stadtgasse, as well as in the Oberstadt at Seeböckhaus, Mariensäule and Pinta Bichl. These are four seating areas and two bicycle stands.

The works presented were created by:
Messner Architects
Sofie Thorsen
Daniela Mitterberger STUDIO MAEID
Arch. Stefan Hitthaler
Arch. Kuno Mayr
Stefan Alber