Discover the mountain soul in the distance

Private apartment S


An apartment full of gathered treasures, each telling its own story and representing as a whole the personality of its resident. As an avid traveller, W.S. has developed an affectionate view on the culture and traditions of her homeland.

The prominent green walls of the kitchen, tastefully furnished with designer chairs at the reduced kitchen table, create an elegant and striking counterpart to the traditional and very personal objects which are placed all over the apartment, some are immediately visible, others are more hidden. The eye for the careful arrangement is expressed for instance in the kitchen block with fresh fruit and vegetables sorted by colour. The overall concept for the apartment, accompanying the client in a process with long talks about everything under the sun and lots of passion for the details, comprises the planning and the realization of the kitchen as well as the entire furnishing, lamps, carpets and accessories.

Foto: Petra Stockhausen