Between indoors and outdoors

Private apartment SE


The conservatory as floating transition from inside to outside was the central challenge of this project, thought as transient area between living room and outdoors and subsequently an enlargement of living space into the garden. The young Seifert couple was looking for a cozy feeling within the living space, for cold winter evenings and mild summer evenings, an open, functional and convertible area to spend convivial evenings with friends, play board games while eating or just lazing around.

The furnishing is compact and practical, adjustable and multifunctional. The shelf system „Luis“ with its hanging elements (by on the wall is height-adjustable, freely movable, offers storage space and the single boxes can be placed around the room to serve as stools or side tables. The modular sofa can be adapted to various room and living situations, it can be easily converted and combined into countless variations. The curtains made of pure linen make the room even cozier; the green shade of the wall colour is a citation of the garden and gives the room a pleasant warmth.