Descreet coolness

Profanter Bags


The bags by Profanter are hand-made in Italy and stand for purist, clear design and high quality of the materials. The furnishing of the first flagship store in the center of Brixen / Bressanone was supposed to reflect this simple philosophy.

A magnificent house from the 1960ies with precious and high-class materials, like a beige marble floor, was the ideal location from the very beginning. The store rooms on the ground floor, however, where the Profanter store was planned, were obstructed by niches and pedestals beyond recognition.

During the planning process, the ideas of the owners Priska and Christian Profanter soon met with our concept: plainness and simplicity with a touch of luxury. The existing store rooms were completely gutted and brought to their original state as far as possible so that the whole space became airier and more open and the basic structure of the building could unfold its former glamorous and elegant flair again. The sales counter and a part of the steel shelves of the old store were reused and serve as a reminiscence of the past, resplendent in new colors.