Shooting with Jasmine Deporta

sternbach interior stories


As part of Sternbach's new communication concept, the renowned photographer Jasmine Deporta developed an exciting and progressive picture style for Sternbach. Image photography is not only concerned with the representation of pieces of furniture, but also with the relationship between man and object, the use of furniture, its appropriation through a personal and, above all, unconventional way of use.

The resulting images are poetic, sculptural and dynamic. The interaction between man and object gives rise to questions about the value of interior in relation to individual, emotional values.

INTERIOR stands for living space, a stage for individual stories which can be experienced alone and together. The space designed by Sternbach is a facilitator of new experiences, a communication zone, an interaction vehicle, a source of inspiration, but also a place of retreat to reflect on and retell stories that have been experienced and thus to be remembered.

STORIES arise from life as experienced and lived: they are snapshots of extraordinary, exciting, creative relationships. Unusual interaction of people with pieces of furniture, personal relationship between man and object. Playful and poetic. Fragile, casual. But strong, powerful and idiosyncratic, too.

Alexander Egger's new design is restrained and reduced, allowing the pictures and objects to speak. The sternbach logo is derived from the family coat of arms: a star stands above two concentric circles of waves of a stream. The logo tells a story about sternbach's concept. The circles stand symbolically for people and personalities who meet, engage with each other, discover commonalities and intersections, people who get involved with each other, exchange ideas, communicate.

Magic and warmth are created by friction during interaction: a spark, a star, a ray of light, a flash of genius. This is the narrative material of which shared experiences are made. We at Sternbach create the environment, we design the rooms in which people can live and experience their very special, personal stories.

Thanks to:
Walli Stecher
Jasmine Deporta
Christina Mair
Hannah Luna
Samira Plunger
Ingrid Hora Egger
Klaus Vittur