Light – flooded arches

Zentral Café and Restaurant

Collalbo sul Renon

In the course of the takeover process by the new owners, a renovation and modification of the aged building is supposed to create inviting and functional premises.


Messner architects elaborate a concept based on openness and daylight, thus reduced and with a focus on high – quality materials.

The existing arched windows at the west and south façade are opened down to the ground. This measure also intensifies the visual communication between the public space and the bar and additionally provides an inviting effect, vitalizing the daily life of the village. Gneiss rock from the Passeiertal valley, nutwood and oak as well as dark furniture fronts characterize the pleasant and sophisticated atmosphere of the premises. At the southern façade, the restaurant amplifies thanks to a sunny garden with a wooden terrace.

In collaboration with the architects, Sternbach designs the colour and furnishing concept. The few architectural elements in the Zentral enable a rather free arrangement and usage of the ambience. The spaces and facilities fluently merge with each other.