Domestic culture

Living in the now and in the future

Three installative settings

In an artistic process, Sternbach works with young, creative minds to develop concepts for living at the cutting edge and derives visions for the future of living from them. The main aim is to make people aware of what living can mean

In which spatial surroundings can somebody live well? Where and how do we feel safe? Which furnishings do we need for this? How would you like to live in the future? Do we need concrete objects for that? What can we resign from? What do we define favourite objects and why? How do we define our identity through our furnishings? What do we want to convey to visitors to our private rooms? How flexibly must living situations be able to react to our lives?

Contributors: Anna Ammerer, Patrizia Feichter, Jonathan Niederbrunner

Direction: Walli Stecher
Photo/Video/Editing: Lorenz Sternbach

Note: This project is a continuing idea - If you feel like contributing your ideas to this project, please write us!

Anna Ammerer - Brunico

Three different people choose a random object from the range in the shop. In addition to these objects, the people combine other objects - either from the shop or from their private collection. In this way, intimate living environments are carefully designed. The selected objects are also installed and arranged in a room and documented photographically.

In this way the people also define which room of a flat means the most to them (living room, bedroom, kitchen, ...). Sensitive images of individual product worlds are created, the people are an integral part of them and interact with the selected objects.

Patrizia Feichter - Luttago

The installations work associatively and intuitively. The viewer of the pictures is supposed to be stimulated by the settings shown to consciously reflect on living situations and, at the same time, be inspired by the selection of the test people.

Jonathan Niederbrunner - Rio Bianco