It's the mountains that shape us

Eggemoa cheese dairy

Selva dei Molini

The cheese manufacture focusses on the essentials:
Cheese creations made from the milk of the own cows. Raw and down-to-earth. Still not narrow-minded, but with a vision and full of ideas.

Little is added to the cheese. And if something is added, then it is only regional ingredients that are grown in the region. According to these principles and in close collaboration with the owner Michael Steiner we design the furnishings for the show room and the tasting area: A central table as a means of communication and gathering point of the room: for convivial get-togethers, meet-ups after a trip to the mountains, for storytelling with a glass of wine and an exquisite piece of cheese.

Flexible and straightforward storage and shelves for the products that can be converted in an easy and uncomplicated way. And there is a tap water spot for hikers who just pop in for a refreshing sip of water before continuing their way.